Travel Training Online

Following are links to the Concur system online training modules, developed with assistance from the KSU University Information Technology Services/Outreach & Distance Learning Technologies team.

Please note that some modules have sections that can be completed individually, in which case individual times for each module/section are noted below and so users can find and review those sections individually whenever necessary.

All Online Tutorials (2-3 hours estimated time to review all)
Individual Tutorial Sections:

  • Begin Getting Started module here.

    • Login
    • Profile Setup
    • Add Personal Car
    • Assigning Delegates
  •  Begin Travel Requests module here.

    • Create a Travel Request
    • Add Authorized Approvers to a Travel Request
  •  Begin Cash Advances module here.

    • Request a cash advance
    • Attach the cash advance to an expense report
    • Return unused portion
  •  Begin Booking Travel Through Concur module here.

    • Booking reservations for air, hotel & car rental (20 minutes)
    • Reserving a rental car (4 minutes)
    • Making a hotel reservation (5 minutes)
    • Cancel or change Air, Car or Hotel Reservations (5 minutes)
  •  Begin Expense Reports module here.

    • Starting your Expense Report (8 minutes)
      • Creating a Report Header
      • Creating an Itinerary & Claiming Per Diem
      • Attaching a Cash Advance
    • Add a HOTEL to your expense report (4 minutes)
    • Add MILEAGE to your expense report (4 minutes)
    • Add AIRFARE to your expense report (6 minutes)
    • Add a RENTAL CAR to your expense report (4 minutes)
    • Other expense types (2 minutes)
      • Completing and submitting your expense report (5 minutes)
      • Attach receipts (Fax, Receipt Store/Email)
      • Add allocations
      • Add approvers
      • Submit
    • Currency Converter (3 minutes)
    • Edit and resubmit an expense report (3 minutes)
    • Add Attendees to a business meal (4 minutes)
  •  Begin Approver Training module here.

    • Approving a Cash Advance (3 minutes)
    • Approving a Travel Request (4 minutes)
    • Approving an Expense Report (7 minutes)
  •  Begin Mobile Concur module here.

    • Concur Mobile for Blackberry (25 minutes estimated)
    • Concur Mobile for Android (25 minutes estimated)
    • Concur Mobile for iPhone (25 minutes estimated)
    • Concur Mobile for iPad (25 minutes estimated)


Email if you have any questions about travel, reimbursements, policies and procedures.